About Us

High-quality janitorial cleaning services are an essential part of maintaining your company’s image. It is important to hire a cleaning company you can trust to make your facility look great on a daily basis and on special occasions. Ramco Building Maintenance utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide the best cleaning service in town.

We believe in having complete trust in the honesty and integrity of your cleaning company staff. Therefore, all our employees are carefully screened and well trained. We also maintain comprehensive insurance for your protection. We have served many of the same clients for nearly 10 years.

As one of the largest janitorial companies in Wichita, we are able to offer consistent and dependable cleaning and floor maintenance services at extremely competitive prices.

Locally Owned and Operated

In addition to supporting many local charitable organizations, we also use local vendors and all of our management personnel is here. This means lower costs, higher efficiency and better responsiveness to our customers, and makes it much easier for you to do business with us, since we can make a decision right now.

Ramco Building Maintenance has been cleaning business facilities in Wichita for 23 years. Our trustworthy people, high-quality equipment, and efficient methods give you the best service available.

Meet the Ramco Building Maintenance Management

Paula Kirk

As far back as I can remember, I always knew I would be a business owner and that the decisions I made would affect people.

Starting sometime around kindergarten, my sister, my friends, and I would always play “office”. I always had to be “the boss”. As such, I learned at a very early age that there is an art to effectively and successfully managing people. I remember getting so “upset” with my friends for not doing what I told them to do, I would go and cry to my grandmother. And she would explain to me that you can’t “boss people around and expect them to work for you!” Oh, the memories make me laugh. I learned some very important things about “management” by playing office.

Fast forward 20 years, I took a job right out of college (Psychology degree) as a weight loss counselor for a new company in Wichita known as Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers. I was promoted several times, quickly. Then unexpectedly one day the owner of the franchise, Mr. Larry Fleming, called me into the manager’s office and gave me the news that the head of the franchise was gone, and I was going to be the acting manager for Jenny Craig and that I would work directly with him. Well, that was an opportunity that’s just too good to be true! I spent the next four years watching and learning as much as I could from one of the most successful businessmen in Wichita! I was like a sponge, soaking it ALL in.

I could bore you to death with all the statistics and achievements accomplished over the years, but it is really irrelevant. What is relevant is where Ramco Building Maintenance is today.

I see Ramco Building Maintenance and everybody associated with it as part of my family! I spend my time talking with and developing the people who work there into stronger, more effective people. I understand that most people don’t want to be cleaners for the rest of their lives, and I celebrate the days when my people are successfully climbing the ladder of opportunity—even if it is in another industry. My vision for Ramco Building Maintenance is to be a company that helps teach its employees and their families how to raise their socio-economic level, because I know that when you teach one person, it grows exponentially.

Ramco Building Maintenance as it is today, meets my definition of a successful business. We are strong financially. We have the best people working for us. And, for the most part, our clients are very happy with the level of service we provide them. Don’t get me wrong, there is always room for improvement! However, with that being said, Ramco Building Maintenance is winning on all the important stuff. And I believe we will continue to do so… because we CARE!

Happiness is knowing the difference between pursuing excellence and perfection and choosing to pursue excellence.

Matt Brewer

Matt started with Ramco Building Maintenance in October of 2002 as an account manager. His energy, hard work and heartfelt commitment to clients helped launch Ramco Building Maintenance to its current position as one of the largest janitorial and building maintenance companies in Wichita.

After four years in sales, Matt was promoted to general manager, where his conscientious approach to customer service continues to set the standard for everyone in the organization.