When To Know It’s Time To Look for a New Commercial Cleaning Company

Hiring a cleaning company is a daunting task for any manager or director, and the thought of switching to another company can be overwhelming. So, what do you do when the cleaning company isn’t living up to expectations, and you’re not getting the level of service you are paying for? Answer: it may be time to hire a different company!

Most managers and facility directors tend to hire a cleaning company and then cross that responsibility off their list. We have found the companies that remain somewhat engaged with the cleaning company tend to get better long-term results. 

Keeping your building clean is a group effort, so make sure to communicate effectively with the cleaning company you have hired. Modern cleaning companies like to talk with the facility directors they work for to coordinate special cleanings, talk about pet peeves, and coordinate any in-house special events being held. 

Open communication via telephone, email, or text message is key when it comes to getting the best work out of your cleaning company.

Listed below are some warning flags that may signal it is time to hire a new company. 

1. Poor Communication

A reliable cleaning company must have good communication skills — if they don’t, it’s time to hire a different one. 

Your commercial cleaning company is your business partner. You need to have a good working relationship with the point person in order to get your company the best results. 

2. Using the Wrong Products or Methods

Believe it or not, there are companies out there that do not provide their cleaners with good cleaning solutions. In today’s world, that is a real problem. Due to new government regulations, companies must be able to provide safety data sheets (SDS) on every chemical they bring into your building. If they don’t, there is a real possibility of fines and penalties for both your company and the cleaning company. 

Side note: this is why we don’t recommend hiring a mom-and-pop operation for commercial cleaning. 

A professional cleaning company will also have adequate training in place for their employees. Feel free to ask your current cleaning company whether or not they have employee training programs for the types of commercial cleaning services you need. 

3. Rooms Smell Clean … but Don’t Look It

Just because a room smells fresh doesn’t mean dirt and grime were wiped up, or that surfaces were sanitized.

During the peak of COVID-19 or not, every facility should be properly cleaned to prevent the spread of germs.

80% of common infections and colds are passed on by touch alone, so a clean-smelling room won’t do anything to combat the spread of germs and keep employees healthy. Can you imagine 80% of your office being sick at the same time? Many companies wouldn’t be able to function very long with such minimum staffing.

Unfortunately, some commercial cleaning companies use nice-smelling products and spray to make an area smell good to mask the fact that they did not do a thorough cleaning. A fresh-smelling toilet cleaner here and some air freshener there won’t cut it.

when to switch cleaning companies

4. Don’t Show Up Consistently

One of the biggest reasons commercial cleaning services get a bad rap is because many of them can be unreliable — this is also the most common reason an organization switches to a new one.

If your current commercial cleaning company isn’t showing up on time or consistently, it’s time to look for a new one to work with.

Of course, one missed appointment every once in a while should not be a reason to end a partnership — life happens sometimes. But when you or your employees constantly notice dirty office areas, it’s time to consider making the switch.

A commercial cleaning company’s effort and consistency should stay on par from the first day they show up; do your due diligence to ensure nothing is falling through the cracks. If you don’t check your cleaning crew’s work, you could be wasting money.

5. Work Too Quickly

When commercial cleaning employees are in and out of your building in minutes, there is no doubt they are overlooking details — these can be things like missing trash cans or not dusting low-touch areas. In short, they are not doing their job. 

This is when it is critical that you have a good relationship with a supervisor or manager, because there is a good chance the company is paying for that employee to be there for much longer than they are staying. The manager needs to know that the employee is in and out of there in just a few minutes. 

Communication is absolutely critical here. If the company doesn’t respond to this quickly, it is definitely time to hire a new one. 

Find the Right Commercial Cleaning Company for You

The benefits of a commercial cleaning company are endless, but if the cleaning company you’re partnering with isn’t living up to your expectations, you’re wasting money and potentially harming your reputation if clients come to visit you at a dirty office.

To get your money’s worth, make sure your current commercial cleaning company uses the right products and methods, communicates effectively, and shows up when they’re supposed to.

Here the best tips for choosing a cleaning company if you’re in the market to hire a new one.