We’ve always received top-notch service, and never had any problems with any of the equipment, computers, furniture, etc. being out of place or disturbed by the cleaning staff. Our building is going on 14 years old and Ramco’s staff does a great job on our well-worn carpets. They also keep the tile floors waxed and looking shiny!

Deb Goepfer

AMS Diagnostics, LLC (Anatomi Imaging)

Anytime I have had an issue or special request, Matt always calls me back the same day. Matt always contacts me if the crew is going to be late, or if a holiday falls on our cleaning day to reschedule. Also Matt was flexible in spreading the cost out over the year to include a couple of wax applications to keep our floors shiny and looking good! We have been happy with the staff Matt has provided over the years.

Mike Florio Branch

Manager, Penske Truck Leasing

The fact that Maria has been cleaning our building for several years gives us excellent service that is consistent. We always get a timely response whenever an issue arises or we need extra attention given to our upholstery or carpet.

Mary Lewis

Clinic Manager, Preferred Medical Associates - Reflection Ridge

Since hiring Ramco, I personally have peace of mind knowing when we open Heritage College each morning it is clean and ready to go for staff, and most importantly, our students. And there are several ways I can choose to communicate with Ramco, phone call, text, or email. In my experience they always respond quickly to accommodate any need we have.

Julie Hyde

Director, Heritage College

Ramco provides us with a level of service that outweighs the prospect of saving a few dollars. When we have a special cleaning need, Ramco does everything possible to fulfill that need in a timely, price friendly manner. Communicating with Ramco is a very smooth process, Ramco always understands my concerns and works quickly to correct any problems. The entire staff is professional and pro-active when they see a “special” or “out of the ordinary” cleaning need.

Angie Stump

Sr. CSA, FedEx

WATC has been working with Ramco Building Maintenance since 2008. We do business with Ramco because they keep our buildings clean, they work hard, and they answer their phone when I call. Decisions are made quickly because they are locally owned and all management is in Wichita.

Kirk Peterson

Director - Operations/Facilities, Wichita Area Technical College (WATC)