How Often To Schedule Your Professional Cleaning Service

When cleaning offices and facilities gets overwhelming for your staff, it’s time to hire a commercial cleaning company.

Providing a clean workspace for employees will boost morale and productivity. A tidy space will show that you care about customer service and their experience with your business. When clients or partners visit your office, a fresh and clean environment will impress them with your attention to detail and care.

A poorly kept workplace will lower morale among your employees and drive customers toward competitors for a better customer experience.

Let’s take a look at how often you should schedule your professional cleaning service.

Review Your Budget for Cleaning

The best place to start when figuring out how often you should schedule commercial cleaning services is reviewing your budget.

Knowing what you can allocate to commercial cleaning will help you sort out how often you should schedule it.

Scheduling commercial cleaning services too often for a small office will burn through your budget, while not scheduling often enough will leave you with a filthy facility and low employee productivity levels.

When you know what your cleaning budget will allow per year, month, or week, it’s easier to figure out how often you should schedule cleaning. 

There is a wide price window, and each commercial cleaning company works differently — but to give a ballpark answer, most cleaning companies charge about $39/hour. If you schedule cleaning once a week for a year, that comes out to over $2,000. 

Again, this is a ballpark estimate just to give you an idea. Specialty services and deep cleaning will cost more.

Make sure to interview a few cleaning companies before choosing one to work with. Let them know your budget and needs to see if their services will work for you. 

How Does Your Business Operate?

After reviewing your budget, there are many other variables to factor in when figuring out how often to schedule commercial cleaning services, but we’ll give a general idea.

One of the first things to think about is what type of business you run. Are you a customer-facing business that gets a lot of foot traffic? Do you have a small office with a few team members that rarely gets dirty? Do you host events or need specialized cleanings like sanitization or upholstery care?

Different businesses have different needs, and first impressions are everything, so make sure you schedule cleaning that suits your budget and business.

Depending on the size of the business, the number of employees, and the amount of foot traffic, this is generally how often companies should schedule commercial cleaning by industry:

  • Healthcare facilities: daily, if not multiple times a day
  • Retail spaces: daily or weekly
  • Schools/education facilities: daily or a few times a week
  • Office buildings: it can range from a few times a week to quarterly cleaning
  • Event spaces: before and after events
commercial cleaning schedule

Office Layout

Another factor that will determine how often you schedule commercial cleaning services is your building layout.

How many windows are there? Does equipment need to be moved? Does your office take up a thousand square feet or multiple floor levels? Does your office have special cleaning requirements or need special care?

Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

  • Increased employee productivity: When employees are forced to clean their workstations or community areas, it takes away their time to do their designated tasks. By removing your employees from cleaning responsibilities, you will increase productivity and boost morale.
  • Leave a great impression on visitors: A professionally cleaned office will leave a lasting impression for your visitors, clients, and partners. 
  • Save on costs long-term: Keeping up with commercial cleaning will save money in the long run by protecting furniture, machines, floors, and equipment. When these items get dirty, their lifetime shortens and they start to look bad … forcing you to replace them before you planned to.
  • Higher quality cleaning: A commercial cleaning company provides not only regular, recurring cleaning services (like emptying trash cans and dusting) but also offers specialized cleaning services (like upholstery cleaning and post-event deep cleaning).
  • More services available: Professional cleaners come equipped with the latest products and supplies to leave your building immaculate.

Find a Cleaning Company That Fits Your Needs

When looking for a cleaning company that meets your needs, think about your budget, traffic, and layout before hiring professionals.

A good rule of thumb is to speak with multiple commercial cleaning services. Shop around and compare options to find the service that fits your facility best.

Before hiring a commercial cleaning company, see how much it costs to do so.