How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost?

When you’re hiring a commercial cleaning company, the choices can be overwhelming. 

“What are their rates? How much do I need to budget for cleaning? What type of services do I need?” All of these are common questions that office managers and facility directors find themselves thinking about when they start researching commercial cleaning companies.

But one of the most critical questions of them all is: “How much do commercial cleaning services cost?” The answer depends on a multitude of factors.

To better sort it out for you, here’s a quick breakdown of what factors go into the cost of janitorial services:

  • Flat rate vs. hourly 
  • Type of services
  • Facility type
  • Size of location and types of rooms
  • Consumable products
  • Frequency of service
  • Cost of living in your area


Flat vs. Hourly Rate Cleaning Services

Flat fees and hourly rates are the industry standard for commercial cleaning services.

A flat fee means that the work, surface area, and duties you require from the company are sorted up-front, and they provide a flat fee of what that project would require.

This system is beneficial because you will always know what you’ll be paying ahead of time. It works best for companies who need a regular cleaning schedule, like emptying trash bins, refilling paper towels, and light cleaning over work stations every week.

On the other hand, an hourly rate payment system works better if you need a variety of services that are continually changing. For instance, maybe you host a large event two times a year that requires a floor waxing afterward and ample trash removal — an hourly rate might be the best solution for you.

Both have pros and cons, but the most important consideration here is what works best for your company’s needs and budget.

Remember that no matter what system you prefer, you should always work with a company that is transparent about its pricing from the get-go. 


Janitorial vs. Commercial Cleaning Services

While janitorial services and commercial cleaning services are commonly used interchangeably, they are not always the same. 

Janitorial services typically include smaller and more regular cleaning tasks like dusting desks, replenishing bathroom products, and tidying break rooms. All of these areas have high traffic and need constant attention.

Janitorial services are best used regularly, so sorting out your building’s needs before hiring a team is crucial. Think about what areas need to be cleaned to make a great first impression on your incoming clients, and give your employees a safe and motivational work environment.

Commercial cleaning companies will generally offer janitorial services like the ones listed above, but also assist with larger, irregular projects that include more heavy-duty machinery and supplies. Commercial options are better suited to time-consuming tasks that are implemented annually or a few times a year, like carpet and upholstery cleaning, window washing, and hard floor waxing.

commercial cleaning cost

Factors That Affect Commercial Cleaning Cost

Size and Type of Location

The establishment’s size will determine how many staff members are required to successfully complete the cleaning project.

Some commercial cleaners charge $0.09 per square foot on the lower end, but on the higher side, companies charge as high as $15 per square foot.

To put it into perspective: on average, a commercial cleaning job in the U.S. runs around $135–$300.

The features of the building also affect the cost of a commercial cleaning project. Factors like the number of windows and bathrooms — even how long the hallways are — come into play to calculate pricing.

If your building requires any special cleaning or attention, like healthcare offices or IT facilities might, that will also affect the price.

To determine the exact cost, get in touch with a commercial cleaning company for a quote.


Consumable Products

For one-off services, the cleaning company usually provides the cleaning materials, but in an ongoing project, this can be negotiated to lower service costs.

Consumable products include items the cleaning crew would need to bring in and replace, like toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags. If they have to provide these items, there will be an additional cost.

To save money here, you can provide consumable products for the cleaning staff.


Frequency of Service

If you want commercial cleaning services on an irregular or a one-time basis, expect to pay higher costs. This is because the job needs to be scoped out and scheduled outside of the company’s regular operations.

Signing a contract for regular cleanings, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, allows the cleaning company to build a crew for the job. They’ll also be able to create a standard operating procedure, figure out what supplies to bring, and create better estimates for completion time. All of this saves time on their end and gives them the ability to offer lower prices.


Cost of Living in Your Area

Like many other services and necessities, commercial cleaning prices are based on the market rate where you are located.

Suppose you’re searching for janitorial or commercial cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas. In that case, you can expect these services to range somewhere between  $0.10 and $0.25 per square foot.


Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service That Fits Your Needs commercial cleaning

Cost is a significant deciding factor when you’re hiring a commercial cleaning service or janitorial staff.

Before you interview a potential employee or meet with a service, make sure you know the square footage of your facility, what tasks will need to be completed, and on what basis (regularly or one-off).

Choose a company that works within your budget, has experience in your industry, and is up-front with its pricing structure.