Benefits of Hiring a Local Commercial Cleaning Company Over a Franchise

As a business owner or office manager, you know the importance of keeping the facility clean and orderly. Handles, computer mouses, keyboards, and desks — all these surfaces are swarming with harmful microbes and viruses that can make people ill. Hiring a commercial cleaning company gives you peace of mind that your employees are safe in a clean environment; it’ll also reduce their sick days. 

A clean and orderly space also gives an excellent first impression. You want your clients and partners to feel invited and comfortable in your facility. A professional cleaning company will not only keep your offices clean, but your company’s reputation as well.

Many business owners or managers face a common decision: whether to hire a commercial cleaning company that is local or franchised. While there are pros and cons to both, there tend to be more benefits to hiring locals.

Here’s why you should consider hiring a local commercial cleaning company.

Attentive Care and Service

Local companies tend to care more about your business as for them — you’re not just another client name. It’s not a secret that smaller mom-and-pop shops are naturally more customer-oriented. 

With fewer clients, local cleaning services have more time to devote to each client. For them, it is more about quality versus quantity. Franchised companies, on the other hand, usually have a strict amount of time to spend on your project to hit a designated quota per day.

Smaller companies care about every interaction you have with them — your needs are taken very seriously and are usually handled with more care. They’ll be quick to respond and cherish your business. If you need any customer service, chances are you’ll speak to a head person at the company (like a manager or owner). With franchises, you may have to dial a 1-800 number and wait for a customer service representative.

Local cleaning businesses take their reputation more seriously than franchised companies because they have more to lose. So if you stumbled upon a company that has many positive reviews, it’s likely that they’ve worked very hard to deserve it. 

Another benefit is that they’re very easy to contact since they’re based in your area. You can probably even meet with the owners and managers in person to gain trust and build genuine relationships.

Community Support

Supporting local companies has been on an upward trend for a while. And it’s not just another buzzword — it became a true label of quality. Forbes reports that 54% of buyers prefer buying locally sourced groceries to support farmers and that they receive good quality products. 

The same goes when it comes to partnering up with local businesses. People prefer companies that are willing to do something good for themselves and their local community. By hiring a local commercial cleaning company, you’re stimulating the local economy and supporting your community. More than half of Americans who shop small say that their main reason for buying from locals is to keep money in their community. 

When you invest with local companies, you’re investing in your home.

A Trusted Team

Hiring a professional cleaning company usually means letting someone in your facility after hours when no one is there. Choosing between companies is a tough choice. According to cleaning services in Wichita, you need to have a lot of trust in the company you’re going to hire. 

Franchised companies often outsource their employees, which means they don’t have much control over their training or much knowledge of their previous experience. Outsourcing often leads to a loss of quality, as the management doesn’t have the same control over its staff. There’s also a more significant threat of theft, and it’s way harder to gain trust in a team that isn’t directly employed by the company you hire.

Franchised companies often have an incentive program, urging employees to work quicker instead of better. Local companies take more time in the hiring process and take pride in who they hire and how their team performs. 

Customized Services

It’s easy for a franchise to say no to your unconventional request because they have an influx of clients and usually a rigid plan of work — they mostly provide packages instead of customized cleaning solutions. 

Do you have non-standard working hours? Maybe you have special requests when it comes to specific cleaning products you’d like to use or avoid. You probably won’t hear a “no” regarding your special requests with a local cleaning service. They’ll try everything they can to cater to your needs and make sure you’re satisfied, as their customers come first to them.

What To Do Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Choosing whether you want to go with a home-grown local business or a franchise is the first step in choosing a commercial cleaning company. 

The next stage is to dig deep in your research to find the best possible solutions for your needs. Narrow your choices down to a couple of potential partners and schedule an interview. If you opt for a local company, the meeting will usually take place live instead of on an online platform.

Read online reviews thoroughly and make sure the company can provide the services you need within your budget. It’s essential to set a budget from the start so you don’t waste your time interviewing companies out of your price range. Cleaning services offer different cleaning price points depending on the type of work you need. 

No matter which option you go with, make sure you choose a trustworthy and reputable company that suits your cleaning needs and budget.