3 Signs That You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service

Keeping an office clean is a task that often goes overlooked, but the benefits of a clean workspace are undeniable.

Instead of letting your cleaning tasks fall by the wayside, consider hiring a commercial cleaning service.

A clean facility boosts productivity, impresses guests, and enables your employees to utilize every space in the building.

Not sure if there’s a need for a cleaning service at your business? Keep a lookout for these warning signs to determine if you need to hire one.

Employee Productivity Is Down

Do you feel like employee productivity has been low but can’t figure out why? A dirty facility might be the culprit.

Not only does a dirty facility lead to the spread of germs and sickness, but it’s also a distraction to employees.

When staff members come into work every day to a dusty desk and a cluttered break room, their will to be productive crumbles.

Some companies rely on employees to do the cleaning, which is not the most effective use of their time; it takes them away from the more significant tasks you hired them to do. Your employees should never have to choose between servicing clients or cleaning their workplace.

A dirty facility also impairs employee health.

A study from CBS News states that “a virus sample left on doorknobs and tabletops was picked up by 40–60% of employees and visitors within two to four hours,” which means half of your office could be infected or sick at the same time. The absence of multiple employees at once can slow business, losing the company money and causing impediments. 

Poor indoor air quality, dusty vents, and unsanitized surfaces lead to more employees calling out sick. If this is happening at your company, consider hiring a commercial cleaning service. Dust buildup over time can also keep equipment from working correctly, so there’s more than employee health to worry about.

Employees who take pride in the company they work for will work harder, boosting productivity and building employee morale.

The same goes for the inverse situation; if an employee feels sick or disgusted with their working environment, they are more likely to be lethargic, distracted, and unmotivated. 

Long-term employee dissatisfaction will eventually result in a high turnover rate.

why you need cleaning service

Hesitant To Invite Guests

Is your office in prime shape for a client drop-by?

How about a partner or superior?

If you feel hesitant to invite guests to your office or feel uncomfortable when guests arrive on the spot, consider getting help from a commercial cleaning service.

Professional cleaners will ensure your office is ready for whoever walks through your doors. 

When you have guests in an unpresentable office, you risk losing business. When customers, clients, and partners see a filthy office, they may believe you let things fall through the cracks and allow issues to stack up.

Obviously Filthy Areas of Your Office

If you notice employees avoiding common areas such as kitchens and restrooms, you should take it as a sign that your office cleaning is not up to par.

Filthy desks, an improperly stocked kitchen, and stained furniture lead to frustration among staff members. It’s important to address and clean dirty areas to keep your employees happy.

If employees are forced to go elsewhere to use the restroom or eat, they are not using company time most efficiently.

A clean and welcoming workplace will benefit employees and guests.

Keep Your Office Presentable With a Commercial Cleaning Service

Keep an eye out for the warning signs telling you to hire a commercial cleaning service.

Suppose you notice visible filth or you feel hesitant to invite guests in. Maybe you see employees becoming more frustrated, unproductive, or absent than usual. In that case, you should explore the possibility of getting a commercial cleaning company.

A clean office or facility will boost productivity, save money, impress guests, and limit
frustrations — and a professional cleaning company can help.

If you’re leaning toward outsourcing your cleaning services to professionals, here’s how to choose the right commercial cleaning company for you.